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COVID-19 Moratorium: Due to the pandemic, we've been unable to see any movie theater
movies. As they come out via the streaming services, we'll add our reviews here.

We saw our second home theater release with the new Wonder Woman movie. Started out OK,
ran into several issues throughout, and the ending was a confusing mess. Wonder Woman is a
great character played by an actress Gal Gadot that fits the role. The story just had too many
holes and the CGI at the end was just bad, especially the Cheetah. Glad we saw this at home
and not in the theaters.
Spydey 6/10 and the Mrs. 5/10

As a family, we watched a newly released streaming Pixar movie for Christmas. We really
enjoyed it! The Pixar animation is so beautiful and easy to watch. This movie was a more adult
version of the Pixar movie Inside Out. Both movies were created and directed by the same guy,
Pete Doctor. The concepts for Soul were a bit deeper and needed more adult experience to fully
understand. I think the kids liked it, but they did lose focus at times. You can watch this on
Disney+ and we do recommend it.
Spydey 9/10, the Mrs. 10/10, the Rowan 8/10, and the Lincoln 8/10
Potential Webb Catchers IMDb Page:
Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway, Black Widow, Ghostbusters: Afterlife,
In The Heights, Luca, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, No Time To Die,
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