How to play SpydeysWebb Squares Pool


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Entry Fee
Squares for SpydeysWebb Squares Pool are $60 each square.


Numbers will be randomly drawn after ALL 200 squares are claimed and paid in full. 
Each individual square has the same chance to win each of the 67 games (i.e. - a single

square could win multiple games).
Example of winning square:  Indiana 92, Duke 88
winning square = horizontal 2, vertical 8.


Each game in the NCAA Division I Men's Basketball Tournament, including the First Four games,

will have a corresponding winning square.  Horizontal numbers represent the last digit of the winning

team's score and Vertical numbers represent the last digit of the losing team's score. For each game,

the person who owns the square that matches the last digit of the winning and losing team's final score

wins that game.


Payouts for Each Board
Payouts grow larger with each passing round outlined below:


# of Winners


First Four


$20 each



$30 each



$60 each

Sweet 16


$120 each

Elite 8


$240 each

Final Four


$475 each





Playing and Paying
Squares are available on a first come, first served basis. Indicate the square you want by stating board

color and column and row coordinates. In order to secure your selected square, payment needs to be

made immediately. Squares will be considered CLAIMED AND SAVED only after payment is received:

cash, PayPal, Venmo, $Cash app, Apple Pay, and Zelle. If the board is full, a paying player could purchase

any unpaid square immediately. You’ll know payment has been received if your square is highlighted in

yellow on the square grid. All payouts will be made after the National Championship game.