Paris Day Three Monday Two
The Metro from Pere Lachaise to Sacre Coeur was easy and fast. We got to the top
with plenty of sunlight left for some great pictures. We took a walk through the old
neighborhoods on the way back down the butte.
Sacre Coeur
A view of Sacre Coeur from the bottom the
the climb up. Of course, we had Metro
passes to the top on the funiculaire, a
hillside escalator.
Eiffel Tower
The butte afforded an incredible view of
the Eiffel Tower at dusk.
Us at Versailles
A group photo in front of the Chateau de
Versailles. What an incredible day this
Jason at Versailles
The courtyard in front was huge. This was
only the beginning. The Chateau and
gardens surpassed what we'd seen out
Sacre Coeur
A funky picture of the front of Sacre Coeur.
Finished in 1919, Sacre Coeur is the
center of the busy Butte de Montmarte
Seth and the Coeur
Sacre Coeur dominates the views around
the neighborhood. And the walk through
the area was well worth it and better down
downhill than uphill!
The Sun King
A statue of Louis XIV, the Sun King. He
built Versailles in the mid-1600's.
Chateau de Versailles
On the second floor was the king's
bedchamber. Our first tour went through
there followed by one through the
apartments in the back.
Paris Day Four Tuesday One
This was an incredible day. When you go out to tour a city, you have a list of places
you'd like to see. We knocked off four in a big day of walking, Metro, and picture
taking. The walk down Butte de Montmarte was well worth it. This walk included
the old vineyard in Paris, the last two windmills in Paris, and as we headed to the
Metro, we caught a glimpse of the Moulin Rouge. Jason found a great Italian
restaurant on Rue Montorgueill called Little Italy Caffe. A great place with good
Italian beer and a active atmosphere. Jet lag had caught up and we headed in after a
few beers. We were leaving Paris in the morning for Chateau de Versailles.
Arguably the best day of the tour. We awoke to Omelette and Frites at the Notre
Dame cafe and a 30 minute train ride to Versailles where Louis XIV's palace is. This
is easily a full day event if you tour the house and the gardens. We did the house and
stopped for a while around the gardens. The luxury here was both awe inspiring and
gaudy. Well worth 4-5 hours of touring.
After waiting in two lines for over 90 minutes, we made our way into the chateau. We
bought the Versailles Passport for around $25. This allowed entrance to the King's
chambers, the chateau's apartments, and the gardens in the back. Well worth the money
and once we had the passport, there were no more lines. A beautiful day just topped off
this adventure.
Day Three Monday One
Day Four Tuesday Two