Daniel Craig's second film as 007 is the same gritty, cold & calculating character as Fleming had depicted in his
literary works many decades ago.

Great scenery all over the globe & the costumes were up to par with all of the previous Bond films.

The ending will allow for further attempts at defeating the mysterious Quantum group that have been behind the
mischief in the latest Casino Royale story as well as this one.  Not sure if this villian syndicate will eventually be like
SPECTRE, but I am hoping that they continue to elaborate further & expand their treachery & desire for world

Weak points:
The plot about the main villian helping a military general to topple the Bolivian government in order for a barren
piece of land from (which in turn, would provide control of a massive water source for the Quantum group & they
would hold the country & its new leader ransom to huge amounts of money) is a bit crazy and boring.

Dominic Greene, the villian from this Quantum group, is just a calculating businessman much like the slew of recent
"enemies" over the past 10 years of Bond films (Eliot Carver in Tomorrow Never Dies, Gustav Graves in Die
Another Die, Le Chiffre in Casino Royale) as opposed to the insane & cruel madmen like Auric Goldfinger, Ernst
Stavro Blofeld, Emilio Largo, Dr. No, etc.

Along the same line as the previous point, no henchmen.  When I think of Bond, I think of Oddjob from Goldfinger,
Red Grant from From Russia With Love and even the cheesy & silly Jaws from the Roger Moore 007 films, not
some clowns who don't get their hands dirty & whip some peoples' asses

Lack of use of the car (only in about 3-5 minutes of the beginning of the film & it is a $200K+ vehicle that is
absolutely thrashed by the end & no "optional extras" on the vehicle used), any gadgets or weapons & very little
witty banter/commentary

Not a real romance with the main female character...although, he does get some action from the cutie from MI6
which was my personal favorite of the 2 ladies in the film (plus her name is Strawberry Fields...how much more
British can you get!)

The film was under 2 hours...WTF!!!

With great anticipation, I counted down the days and hours on my limited edition Omega James Bond Seamaster
40th Anniversary Edition timepiece (yes, I am that stupid)...the film was exciting & entertaining, but left me with a lot
left to be desired & want to sit in the theater and wait for the rest of the movie.

Overall...it is a 7/10.  Far from a Goldfinger, Thunderball, On Her Majesty's Secret Service (probably my personal
favorite and one that gets very little appreciation as it was George Lazenby's only film with the Walther PPK, but the
ever-foxy Diana Rigg as his wife for about 15 minutes, Telly Savalas as Blofeld & Bond showing emotion &
vulnerability upon the death of his wife really bring to life that he is a human as opposed to a hardened killer
without compassion).....but it wasn't close to Moonraker (Bond in space...I think not), The Man With The Golden
Gun (Roger Moore's fake triple nipple) or the un-authorized remake of Thunderball with an old Connery---Never
Say Never Again.

Looking forward to the next installment as Craig looks to continue to strive to move up on the ladder & catch up
with Connery's legend and the continuation of the Bond legend for years to come.
Quantum of Solace Review by David Hill