Amsterdam One
We took a great flight on from Paris to Amsterdam. Total flight time was about 45
minutes, so we didn't have enough time to play with the video game/movie/tv consol
each seat had. Even in economy. We were meeting Simon, who was flying over from
England on Friday. After dinner and a few Heinekens, our Thursday was over.
Friday afternoon we met Simon (at The Grasshopper, of course) and made a day
out of the Heineken Museum and walking about town.
1st Heiny!
Thursday night's dinner was steak. As a
matter of fact, EVERY night's dinner was
steak! This was Jason's first Amsterdam
Heiny of the weekend.
Heineken Museum
Job #1 on this trip to Amsterdam was the
Heineken Museum. Last year, it was
closed the day we were in town. This
Grain Drop
Starting on the bottom floor, we were in
the grain elevators. Quite an impressive
Give us 3
Here we are at Bar One, roughly 1/3 of the
way through the tour.
Seth, Si and The Grasshopper!
On Friday, we met Simon at The
Grasshopper. What is this for us Si? The
third or fourth time we've met at The
Jason and Mr. Heiny
The tour was quite extensive. The building
was the original Amsterdam brewery.
Many years ago, they moved the
production outside of town. Here's Jason
with a pic of Mr. Heiny.
Heineken Ticket
Basically, the tour was several old rooms
and exhibits around three bars. The
Heineken tour ticket was for entry, three
beers, and a sweet Heineken glass gift at
the end.
Over here!
Beers 2 and 3 were at the end of the tour
bar. Jason, being so kind to make it back
safely with the beers.
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Amsterdam Two