Amsterdam Two
When we left the Heineken Museum, we had a buzz. I can say that was the only
museum we left on our trip with a buzz. Heineken Museum in Amsterdam is a must
Chillin' at the bar...
Seth and Simon at the end of the tour bar.
We were only going to stay for a bit, until a
booth opened for us...
Seth and Si in the 'Dam
Simon and I in a street scene. This was
on the Damrak, the main street out of
Centraal Station. This is where any
venture through Amsterdam would begin.
The Trio
Amsterdam touring requires walking.
Most of the shops, bars, and restaurants
are in a tight area. The museums are
further north of Dam Square.
This is a view of Zuiderkerk from around
the Oude Kerk area. The weekend we
were there was quite busy with tourists
and conventioners.
Si and Jason
Simon and Jason at our booth. The booth
seats added 30 minutes to our stay. That
and more free beer tickets some dude
gave us.
The Palace
The Palace is just north of the station on
Dam Square. Here we get Simon and
Jason enjoying the history.
Oude Kerk
The old churchs of Amsterdam are always
in view. It is such a unique city...this is
Oude Kerk.
A closer view of Zuiderkerk. Like I said,
walking is a requirement in Amsterdam.
Well, that's our trip. We've made it two years in a row, so does that make it an
annual event? London, Paris, and Amsterdam (twice)! Paris was amazing. I can't say
enough about the visit we had there both during the day and at night. Eiffel Tower,
Versailles, and The Lourve were my favorites. Amsterdam was a great place to meet
up with Simon again. We've made it a goal to meet up at least once a year, and so good.

Next year, we're looking at Barcelona, Spain and probably a return trip to
Amsterdam to see Simon and friends. October 2003...see you then...
Amsterdam One
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