Paris Day Three Monday One
We had a busy day on Monday. After waiting 30 minutes in line for Notre Dame, we
decided to hit Sainte Chappelle and come back to ND later. A walk by the Centre
Pompidou and on to Pere Lachaise Cemetery where Jim Morrison's gave is.
Sainte Chapelle
Here's a photo of the front of Sainte
Chapelle. Finished in 1248, the church is
now in the center of the Justice
Department in Paris.
Chapelle Windows
Here's a few of the windows that tell the
rest of the story. There's also statues of
Saints between each window.
Centre Pompidou
Jason in front of the Centre Pompidou.
Jason and Jim
There are over 1 million people buried at
Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise. The most
famous person being Jim Morrison.
Chopin, Sarah Bernhardt, and Oscar
Wilde are some others.
Rose Window
The stained class windows in Sainte
Chapelle were incredible. They depict
biblical scenes from Genesis to the
Apocalypse, the rose window pictured here.
Sainte Chapelle
The back of Sainte Chappelle from the
steps of the Justice Building. The spire is
75 meters tall.
Fontaine Stravinsky
The strange Fontaine Stravinsky. Had to get
a photo of me with the Rolling Stone lips.
No sitting...
Resting at Pere Lachaise. The cemetery
is built on a hill and was quite a walk from
site to site.
We'd already had a pretty full day, but the sun was setting and we
wanted to get to Sacre Coeur on Butte de Montmarte, the highest point
in Paris. I just knew the views would be amazing.
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