Paris Day One Saturday
We arrived in Paris after a trying flight from Chicago on Saturday morning. We took
a 10 minute walk from the hotel to Notre Dame. Saturday wasn't a long day due to
jet lag.
let's get moving!
The journey begins while waiting for our
baggage at Charles de Gaulle Airport.
Notre Dame's front door
The attention to detail was amazing...
Jason at Notre Dame
Here's Jason with the building opposite
Notre Dame.
Flying Buttresses
The back of the cathedral with the flying
Notre Dame
This was practically our first view of Paris.
Walked right down to the river and took
this picture. Amazing...
Notre Dame
The front of the cathedral. On Wednesday,
we climbed the left tower to the top.
Side view...
A close up picture of the outside of just
one of the stained glass windows at Notre
Jason at the hotel
Our hotel room. The smallest room I've
ever seen. One advantage was being only
10 minutes from Notre Dame.
Saturday night we checked out a cool bar called Cafe Oz. Run by
Australians, it had Fosters on tap and plenty of atmosphere. After they
closed, we hit Guinness Rock Tavern on Rue St. Michel. Cramped and
hot, it was a nice place for a beer at 4AM! Sunday was a big first day of
Day Two Sunday