Paris Day Two Sunday One
On Sunday we hit the famous Musee du Lourve and Champs Elysees area of Paris.
A few hours at the Lourve really doesn't do it justice, but we saw some pretty cool
stuff while we were there. Amazingly, the cost of a ticket was around $6. Quite a
A view from the entrace to the Lourve. The
glass pyramids we done by IM Pei. It's an
interesting look on such an old building.
Mona Lisa
Leonardo di Vinci's Mona Lisa. Easily the
most active display at the Lourve.
Winged Victory
Winged Victory of Samothrace. This statue
dominates a landing on one of the
Lourve's staircases.
Venus de Milo, from afar
A view down the hall towards Venus de
Milo. She dominates the whole hallway.
Lourve's Glass Pyramids
Jason and I in front of the glass pyramid
at the Lourve.
Shlates escapes Mona's grip
Here's a photo of Jason escaping the
horde that surrounded the Mona Lisa
exhibit. About as close as a museum gets
to a mosh pit.
Winged Victory
A closeup of Winged Victory's amazing
wings. This is one of my favorites.
Venus de Milo, closer
A closer view of Venus. The room she
stands in allows you many views of the
statue and of the courtyard outside.
The walk through the Lourve was quite easy. The guide
you got at the entrance was very useful and marked all
the great exhibits for you. It was quite a windy day
outside, so staying in here was nice.
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