Paris Day Four Tuesday Two
We continued into the chateau through the King's Chamber. The line to get in was
over two hours, but it was a nice day. We bought a pass for the whole chateau and
gardens, so it was the only line we waited in. After the King's Chamber, we went
through the apartments within the chateau. The Hall of Mirrors is one of those rooms.
Every room had gold guilded furniture and
some amazing painting on each wall.
Versailles Ceiling
Just like the Lourve, the ceilings in every
room of the chateau had these elaborate
paintings. Most were of Louis and his
Hall of Mirrors
In the middle of the apartment tour was
the Hall of Mirrors. This is me at one end...
Napoleon's Crown
Napoleon's coronation painting took up
one whole wall at the end of the tour.
That's Napoleon crowning his queen w/
the Pope in white.
Chapel Ceiling
The King's Chapel ceiling was one of the
best shots in the chateau. Quite a crowd
was gathered around here.
Louis' Chair
Louis throne room. Of course the
paintings and furniture were amazing.
Hall of Mirrors
...and Shlater at the other.
Gardens at Versailles
The gardens at Versailles are incredible.
It would have taken another four hours to
tour the gardens. Part of the Versailles
Passport we bought paid for the tour of
the gardens
We took an audio tour of the King's Chambers and it was well worth it. The guide
gave all the detials of each room and important painting. We didn't bother with the
audio tour during the apartments. After an early rise and a full day at Versailles, we
caught the 20 minute train ride back into Paris. On the way through town, we got off
at the Eiffel Tower for our ride to the top.
Day Four Tuesday One
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