Paris Day Four Tuesday Three
On the way back from Versailles, we stopped at the Eiffel Tower. It couldn't have
been a better time to stop. We had about an hour of sunlight left to get some ground
photos and stand in line for the ride to the top...and from the top, the City of Lights
really comes alive.
Seth and the Tower
There was a nice park next to the Eiffel
Tower. We relaxed there before the hour
long line for the elevators.
View from the top...
A view from the top. Not that easy to see,
but we're facing the Lourve and Invalides.
After the quick ride down, we took a walk
up the Seine with the Eiffel Tower to our
Jason grubbin'
After a full day of touring - Versailles and
the Eiffel Tower - it was past time for
some dinner and a brew.
Eiffel Tower
The fading sunlight gave a great backdrop
to the scene.
Arc de Triomphe
On the other end of our view was the Arc
de Triomphe.
Eiffel beam...
The sweeping spotlights at the top gave
you the best lighting for night photos.
Seth drinkin'
I wholeheartedly agreed!
Tuesday was by far our busiest day in Paris. I can't stress how amazed we were with
Versailles. Arguably the best thing we did on the whole trip was our stay at
Versailles. The waiting in line was long, but even then we had a great time. Then to
follow that with a trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower? Wow. That dinner we had just
down the block from our hotel was throughly enjoyed. Afterwards we had a few
nightcaps at our favorite Paris bar, Cafe Oz. We weren't even half way through the
Paris Day Four Tuesday Two
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