Paris Day Five Wednesday One
Wednesday was out last full day in Paris, and we still had a lot we wanted to do. We
started with a visit to Notre Dame. Every morning we ate breakfast just outside the
cathedral. Today, we stopped for the hour long wait and a grueling climb up the 387
circular stone steps to the top. Completed in 1345, Notre Dame is arguably the best
venue in Paris. Oh, and the views...were amazing...
Seth at Notre Dame
Here I am in front of Notre Dame. The
climb took us to the top of the left tower.
We then walked between the towers and
climbed down the right tower.
Big Bell
Quasimoto's bell from the Hunchback of
Notre Dame. After that climb to the top, we
knew how Q got that hunch!
Jason and the gargoyle
Jason and a gargoyle. Can you make out
which one is which?
Notre Dame
Had to get a view of the spire and flying
buttresses off the back of the cathedral.
Paris from Notre Dame
Paris from the top of Notre Dame. I took
this just outside the first tower we climbed.
The most fascinating aspect at the top of
Notre Dame are the gargoyles. This one,
as you can see, is munching on a chicken.
Gargoyle's view
This is one of my most favorite pictures
from the trip. The stone carvings were
amazing and to think they are over 750
years old. A gargoyle's view of Paris.
Cathedral's rose window
Once we climbed down, we took a walk
through the cathedral. Here's a photo of
one of the rose windows and the glass
that lines in interior of the cathedral.
Once we finished our interior tour of Notre Dame, we grabbed our usual breakfast
and planned the rest of the day. We had several museums that we needed to visit
and wanted to get as many in as we could. I tell you what, breakfast in front of Notre
Dame every morning was something I'll never forget. What a view...
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