Paris Day Five Wednesday Two
After breakfast, we started our final museum tour. First, we headed over to the
Musee Rodin. The walk over was nice since we got to see several government
buildings and a new shopping district. Once we viewed his sculptures, we ventured
over to Musee D'Orsay. The Orsay holds most of the middle period pieces with the
Lourve being the older works and Pompidou holding the newer works.
Rodin's The Thinker
Rodin's most famous work is The
Thinker. It sits in the front garden of the
museum with a great view of Invalides.
Seth and Invalides
The back garden was amazing. From the
top floor you had a great view of Invalides.
I sure look like I'm enjoying the view.
Whistler's Mama
Orsay is full of pantings and sculptures.
One of the most famous works is
Whistler's Mother.
Torso de Homme
One of Shlater's favorites is the Torso de
The Kiss
The museum is a converted home. Within
the two stories are many of Rodin's
sculptures. One of his most celebrated
works is The Kiss.
Orsay's Clock
After our walk to Orsay, I got my picture of
the museum's clock. The clock dominates
the entire wall of the former train staion
turned museum.
The Archer
The whole second floor of the museum is
sculptures. One of my favorites is The
Seth and the Orsay
We blitzed through the Orsay. The Orsay
was a train station in the past. Here I am
relaxing on the Seine with the Musee
D'Orsay in the back.
We already had a full day, but there was one last sight we needed to see that night.
The Orsay is right across the street from the Lourve. In the last picture on this page,
I'm facing the Lourve. We took the opportunity to walk through the Lourve's
gardens again before we caught a Metro train to the Arc de Triomphe for out night
visit there.
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